I've been suffering from an on and off episodes of UTI

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It was early last year that I’ve been suffering from an on and off episodes of UTI. I was taking antibiotics every episode of UTI which my tummy suffers. The usual amoxicillin will give me nice effect after 3 days then till I finish the medication for a week. Then, another UTI episode after a week so I will take cefalexin and same story goes on. Then, I have tried also cotrimoxazole, which led me of going to a physician and had IM of anti allergy drug that my whole body was itching and my face bulging.

One time in August of last year, I had severe attack of UTI. To the point of crying before, during, and after urinating. With my desperation, I was researching for an alternative treatment other than the usual antibiotics. I’ve come across of the leaflet of Cran UTI on my clinic table which I recalled it was given to me during PAPSDI seminar. So, I read and went to Mercury Drug and bought the Cran UTI. After taking the first capsule, I felt a good relief then I took it 2xaday for a week. Then, the signs and symptoms of UTI subsided and gone and so I decided to take it once a day since then. I even tried Cranberry juice which I bought it in the supermarket. But, I chose to take Cran UTI religiously. Then, I saw this ABW and tried it also. Right now, I am taking it in the morning after breakfast then the Cran UTI is taken after lunch. If by chance, I drank a glass of softdrinks or ate pieces of chips, I will take another Cran UTI after dinner or bedtime. It helped me a lot and since then, I am promoting and advertising and giving this product as my gift during ordinary or special occasions to my loved ones and friends. Even my husband and my own kids age 13, 11, 9 have tried this Cran UTI. I have spread this good news about Cran UTI and ABW to my own family, friends, loved ones, Church members and even to my patients, too. We are all Cran UTI user. God bless. TY

Dra. Alice
St. Cyr Academy
October 22, 2009

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