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Regular intake of Cranberry (the main ingredient in CranUTI® Herbal Supplement) helps maintain a healthy urinary tract.

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CranUTI® Introduction


  • An all-natural alternative to UTI prevention
  • Made from 100% natural cranberry extract
  • No sugar or artificial additives
  • Safe for the whole family, including pregnant women and senior citizens
  • More affordable than cranberry juice or antibiotics
"I also frequently have UTI and I found (CranUTI) very effective. After my UTI got better I now take one capsule a day for maintenance."
- Ms M. Cruz
Ang regular intake of CranUTI ay nakakatulong sa pagkakaroon ng healthy urinary tract at ito ay safe for children, pregnant women, senior citizens at buong pamilya dahil it is made from 100% natural cranberry extract.